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Commonwealth Scholarship Program

After considering your answers, you have been approved to complete your visa registration for the commonwealth. Complete the steps to obtain the visa form.

You may get the visa form in 5 mins if you do this one step very well. Kindly click the “invite friends/ group” button below to share this information with as many friends as possible or groups within 5 minutes on Facebook so that they can also benefit. We like generous applicants

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HINT: Continue to click & share until the timer below reads 00:00. The page will then redirect to the visa form based on your actions, otherwise a different page will load. DO NOT REFRESH THIS PAGE ONCE YOU START SHARING. 

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NOTE: If you do not complete this step correctly, the visa form page will not load!


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Paul Muigai
Hope it works for me, My real bro is a beneficiary

1 min  •  Like  •   Reply       

Monicah Waithira
Wow! done, just waiting for embassy approval 🥳🥳

1 min  •   Like  •  Reply       

Kailan Jehy
I just applied again, I hope am chosen this time round

1 min  •   Like  •  Reply       

Frank Khan
I got it, Thanks you. I wish I knew about this earlier

3 mins  •   Like  •   Reply       

Sherry Queen
Applied for the first first time and got it. THANKS

5 mins   •   Like  •  Reply       

Yvonne Gambrell
Thanks for the opportunity. I really appreciate.

30 mins  •   Like  •   Reply       

Deb Stolarski
I now can see my dream being actualised. Woow!

35 mins  •   Like  •   Reply       

Precious Spenilla
A big thanks to God, my Visa has been approved

50 mins  •   Like  •  Reply       

Barry Whyte
NOT a scam guys, my visa got appproved in 5 mins.

59 mins  •   Like  •   Reply       

Nelo Prisca
I just like how fast the visa processing is. Thank you

1hr   •   Like  •   Reply       

Leticia Onoh
Just waiting on the embassy. You’re top notch!

1hr     Like  •   Reply       

Bandile John
Thank you so much, you just saved my dreams

1hr  •   Like  •   Reply       

Sivuyile Mnweba
My sister got this scholarship last year.

1hr  •   Like  •  Reply       

Lurry Mtileni
A great opportunity came at the right time. I got it 🥳

2hrs  •   Like  •   Reply       

Aman Khan
I got the visa. How do I express my joy. So happy

2hrs  •   Like  •   Reply