Legal Pages

These are the TMWhatsApp legal pages you can use as a guideline when using this website We believe in success that comes from the power to socialize.  And the power that comes with education. That is why we endeavor in merging the two to bring financial freedom to our users. Other than downloading The All In One messaging app, we also walk you through scholarships, and ways to apply for visas and equally land fully funded scholarships and achieve your dreams. You can use the links given below for official use.

TMWhatsApp legal pages

  • Contact us: Find the contact information you can use to reach us for support, requests, and advertisements.
  • About Us: Page with all you would wish to know that concerns TMWhatsApp
  • Privacy Policy: Details on how we use your data and the operation of TMWhatsApp
  • Terms of Use: The rules and regulations that govern us and our users.
  • Disclaimer: Details on what we do not bear responsibility.

Site quick links

  • Blog: Page with latest posts across all categories
  • TM Updates: Page specifically with posts about TMWhatsApp
  • Scholarships: Exclusive posts on open scholarships, how and where to apply (for both scholarships and visa)
  • Online Jobs: Well-researched posts on how you can start working online.

Social links

  • Youtube: Official channel to express all TMWhatsApp publications in video format
  • WhatsApp: A quick channel to support and post updates fast to our users
  • Telegram: A good alternative to WhatsApp support
  • Email Newsletter: The best option for you to never miss a communication from the developer

TM Updater: This is the official app on playstore used to update TMWhatsApp

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