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The subscription process is super easy. Once you enter a valid email in the form having the green button next to it. You will receive a confirmation email. This email is usually delivered either to the inbox, or spam box, or in the promotions section. 


That is the doing of your email provider. We can not control that but you can always help us to ensure the email is delivered right to your inbox. 


You can do this by saving our email address to your email contacts. Next, you should move the email to your inbox from the wrong position it was placed by your email provider.


*** Once you receive the verification email. Open it and then Tap on the black button within it to verify your subscription. it is very important that you save our email address and verify your subscription to receive updates. 

Why you need to subscribe and verify your email

  • Receive timely updates
  • Receive alerts on latest changes
  • Ensure our email lands to your inbox and not spam box

Do we spam our users?

We value our esteemed users and so we can never spam you. We only send you valuable content from TMWhatsApp that we believe you really want and not what we think that you need.


After your subscription, you will receive a series of emails daily for five days (one a day) thereafter, we will send you at an interval every two days.


These are very key emails you do not want to miss out on.