Download the latest TMWhatsApp update uploaded on March 30, 2023, and enjoy using the best-modified app ever on the planet earth. Below are the exact steps you should follow to install TMWhatsApp. Please note that you will find the installable Apk file on the next page for downloading. tap the blue Download Apk button below this page to proceed. You can screenshot the steps below before tapping on the download button.

How to install TMWhatsApp

After you will have downloaded TMWhatsApp proceed as follows

Changelog tm version 8.50

EXCLUSIVE Highly improved anti-ban measures.

Added Proxy settings (Settings>>Storage and data>>Proxy settings).

Added option to hide status splitter.

Added Loading custom fonts. Select “Custom” from font style then use load font option.

Added Option to hide “Save” and “Mark as Seen” buttons on status page.

Added TMBackup (Titanium) automatic daily updates.

Fixed Send high-resolution images on most devices

Fixed TMWhatsApp fingerprint lock issues.

Fixed Autoreply crashes.

NOTE And many other features and fixes, use the app to discover them yourself.

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