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TMWhatsApp is a combination of GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp & other great mods. An all in one WhatsApp with all the amazing features from the best WhatsApp mods ever developed.

Send blank /empty messages

Only the normal text messages supported sending blank messages. WhatsApp had disabled the feature but TMWhatsApp has brought it back so you can send empty messages to your friends and confuse them for fun. 😂

Schedule messages to be sent later

Wish a friend a happy birthday when you are asleep. Issues always come up, and yes they can come up just to make you miss sending that important message to your loved ones. You can make TMWhatsApp your delivery guy 😉 

Set up an autoreply chatbot

Easily set up an auto-reply to your contacts or groups you are in. Also, with the same feature you can set the app to engage your contacts or group members with a sequenced chatbot as you handle issues of higher priority

If you want to expand the functionality features of your WhatsApp messenger to something more customized then you should switch to TMWhatsApp. 

TMWhatsApp is an Android application that is a modified version of the stock Whatsapp well known as WhatsApp Messenger. The modified app was developed by a group of tech enthusiasts spearheaded by Titus Mukisa

Actually, the name TMWhatsApp is derived from the team leader’s name written as initials. T – for Titus, M – for Mukisa, and then WhatsApp. (TMWhatsApp). please note that there is NO space between TM and WhatsApp.

The developer has modified the app to merge the features from other popular mods i.e. GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FmWhatsApp, and more WhatsApp mods into one App. You can call it an All-In-One Whatsapp.

Where can you download the latest TMWhatsApp?

TMWhatsApp is a third-party software that is not supported by Google or Apple. For this reason, you will not get the app from either PlayStore or Apple Store. So the development team went around the hurdle and found a way to bring the app to you in a safe environment. 

Below are the places you can download the latest version of TMWhatsApp that is safe and always up-to-date:

  1. Social media platforms

TMWhatsApp is on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Telegram, and WhatsApp. You can click on any of the mentioned social platforms to connect with us for support, entertainment, and socializing with other TMWhatsApp users. (Find links at the footer of this page).

  1. Official website

Before giving the official link from where you can download TMWhatsApp, we got to cover something very important; and that is Google search. As said earlier, TMWhatsApp is a 3rd party software but that does not mean it does not have a website. 

When you open your browser and search for TMWhatsApp you will see tons of results claiming to be the official TMWhatsApp website. Avoid falling for the bait since some of them, download and modify the app adding harmful codes to the app that could harm your phone.

Also, the name of our app could be written differently on different platforms by individuals ranging from; TM WhatsApp, TM Wattsup, TM Wozup etc. This could give misdirections from where to get the safe file directly from the developer.

At TMWhatsApp we value your security and privacy. Therefore, help us maintain the level by checking for our domain name from the search results:- See the screenshot below: 


  1. Playstore

TMWhatsApp is not on the play store, however, the team made an app to help TM users to receive communications from the developer and easily make updates for the main app and posted the app to the plays store. Therefore, by you downloading and installing the TM Updater app from Play Store, you will never miss any new updates for communication will be made plus a direct download link provided.

You can download the official TM updater app from the play store by clicking here

More Stunning Features of TMWhatsApp All together

  • Multiple accounts:- if you got multiple phone numbers, and want them all to be active on WhatsApp but do not want to break your bank account by buying several phones for each WhatsApp account. Then you should get to download and install TM WhatsApp. The app allows its users to create and switch between several accounts at the comfort of one device and one app.
  • Audio statuses:- Sometimes typing becomes boring, you just want to post an audio file and pass your communique via status. You only can achieve this if you use TM WhatsApp.
  • 1-hour statuses:- WhatsApp TV”  is growing in popularity amongst the green app users. For this reason, TM WhatsApp removes the 30 seconds limit to a whooping one hour.
  • Edit sent messages:- This is a feature you were only enjoying on Telegram. The good news is that with this modified app, you can now send and edit the sent message regardless of when the message was sent.
  • Flight mode:- you can use this feature to disable the internet on only Whatsapp and save your data or avoid receiving WhatsApp messages when it is not convenient.
  • Auto-reply: Set quick responses to contacts and groups based on the specific messages that you receive. You literally can create a chatbot out of this feature.
  • Auto delete chats & call logs: You can set “self-destruction” for chats and call logs on your TMWhatsApp after a specific period of time.
  • Create unlimited groups: Unlike the stock WhatsApp which comes with limitations on the number of groups one can create, TM WhatsApp allows you to create limitless groups
  • Add unlimited members to groups: The stock WhatsApp only supports 512 members per WhatsApp group and limited features in the community section. However, TM gives you more power to add members more than double the restricted number.
  • customize user interface: With the support of third-party themes, you can customize the look of your TM to that of any app you got in your mind.
  • Increased file share limit: Unlike the stock WhatsApp that restricts you to sending 30 images and files not more than 50 Mbs, this limit has been removed on TM.
  • More protected privacy: Encrypted messaging is not enough, with TMWhatsApp you enjoy custom privacy features including passwords and hiding chats
  • Hide last seen: You also can freeze the last seen option for your chats so that you do not raise eyebrows with your contacts.
  • Control blue ticks: Decide who will see delivery ticks when you read their messages and avoid the blame of “you blue ticked me”
  • Anti-ban: With this feature frequently improved, securely use this modified app and never get your account banned using our exclusive features.
  • Built in VPN: you can now hide your location and use the app virtually in a different location.
  • Antidelete message & status: View statuses and received messages even when the sender deletes them for all.
  • Delete for all as admin: As the main group admin, you now have the authority to delete a message from a member for all.
  • No Ads: Unlike other moded WhatsApp, TM does not have Ads, so you enjoy using the app without any distractions whatsoever.
  • Group stats: You can monitor how group members are participating in the group. Stats will show against each member’s name showing how many messages the member sent to the group ever since they joined the group. You also can be able to see past participants of the group.
  • Pop-up notifications: As you use TM you will get undestructive popups alerting you when someone changes their profile picture, when they are online, and other toasts based on what you set to see.
  • Online alert: When you open the chats window, your contacts that are online will have a tag indicating their online presence something you do not get with the stock WhatsApp.
  • Change App icon: Everyone knows WhatsApp’s icon is green with a call button at its center, you can add some juice to this by changing the icon to something like a country flag or your custom photo.
  • copy/ download status: You no longer need to ask your friends to send you that funny status post, simply download or repost to your own status in a single click when using TM.
  • Search images on the web: Easily search the web for photos and share them with friends in just a few clicks within the App
  • Background animations: You switch between fire, water, butterfly, bubbles, etc animations for your chats to help distract snoopers. 
  • Hide chats: The native WhatsApp only supports archiving of chats which conspicuously displays on top of the screen. However, with TM you can hide your chats and go unnoticed, in fact for one to access the hidden chats s/he must access your set credentials.
  • Spytool: You can secretly spy on your friends with our spy tool. It just needs some effort to get the tool activated.
  • See who un/blocked you: WhatsApp never tells you when you get blocked, all you do is speculate. But now with the help of TM WhatsApp, you can be able to see a contact that blocks or unblocks you in real-time.
  • Message yourself: This was only possible with the traditional text messaging app but not with WhatsApp. Good enough TM WhatsApp will allow you to send a message to your own number.
  • Message unsaved number: Unlike the stock WhatsApp that requires you to first save a contact, and wait for some seconds for it to sync before you can send them a message, TM provides an inbuilt messaging tool that allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers.
  • Schedule messages for later: Sometimes you could forget to wish your son, daughter, wife, hubby, or friend a happy ‘whatever’ day. To avoid a hell of insults and show course why, just get TM and schedule that message. TM will faithfully send it on your behalf while you are busy or even asleep.
  • Send blank messages: Till now it still was not possible to send a blank message on WhatsApp unless you go through some technicalities. Good enough with TM Whatspp you can send a blank message with just single click.
  • Access premium apps: As a bonus, the developer provides links to premium apps that you can download free of charge and use to full capacity.
  • Customized wallpapers: You also have the ability to customize the wallpaper of the whole app or individual chats. With this option, you can set the respective profile photos of your contacts to be the wallpaper of their chats

Above are just but a few but more features are continually added to the app with every update that is posted. We recommend that you bookmark this page and subscribe to the earlier mentioned social media channels for you to receive alerts on the next updates and easily update your app. 

Commonly asked questions

Most WhatsApp users have asked the questions below and so we put them together to help our new users to clear off their doubts.

1. Is TMWhatsApp safe?

The app currently has over 5 million active users who have not complained so far of insecurity nor data leaks or getting spammed. That speaks volumes about the safety of the app.

Privacy in digital communication is something WhatsApp emphasizes, and of course, it is what every WhatsApp user would love to have. The good news is that TMWhatsApp has put even more emphasis on the same by adding more exclusive privacy features not found in WhatsApp Messenger.

Other than just encrypted messages, TMWhatsApp supports exclusive features like hiding chats and keeping the whole app or selected chats that matter to you behind a secure wall of biometrics (Fingerprint, pattern, password, pin, face recognition e.t.c)

2. How frequently is TMWhatsApp updated?

Unlike other WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp has an extended expiry so you are at liberty to update when you feel it most convenient. The update process is manual i.e. you have to download the app from the earlier shared channels and manually update.

In other words, you are saying goodbye to the annoying auto-downloads of the Play Store.

3. How can I update my TMWhatsApp?

To update TMWhatsApp, you have to manually download the Apk file from the official website or social media channels once we post a new release. 

4. Where can I download TM WhatsApp?

You can find links to our communication channels at the footer of this site (

5. What does TM WhatsApp do?

TM WhatsApp is a modified version of the stock WhatsApp (messenger. It has more 3d premium and privacy features that WhatsApp Messenger does not have. Actually, TM WhatsApp is a combination of Messenger plus all popular modified apps. It is an All In One WhatsApp.

6. Which is the best WhatsApp app to use?

TMWhatsApp is the best of them all despite it being a third-party app, you can not regret switching to TMWhatsApp. However, you need to put in some precautions while the app or else the main WhatsApp could restrict your account. (more information in our blog)

7. Does TMWhatsApp work on iPhones

TM WhatsApp is solely an Android app. Not even routing your iPhone will make the app usable on an iPhone. However, we put together an article to help you in going around a situation as such if you got an iPhone. Search our blog section.

8. What will happen to your data when you switch to TM Whatsapp?

Switching from your current WhatsApp to TMWhatsapp you will not lose your WhatsApp data. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click the three dots on the top right
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on chats
  4. Click on chat back up

Now download and install TM WhatsApp. (Allow installation from unknown sources i.e Settings >> Apps>> Special Access >> Install unknown apps and then toggle all options to on and then)

  1. Locate the downloaded TMWhatsApp Apk file and open it
  2. Install and then Open TM WhatsApp
  3. Tap on Restore backup

You can use TM WhatsApp alongside WhatsApp Messenger as long as you register both apps on different phone numbers. But why have two when TM WhatsApp can host more than one account in one app?


  • Has an extended expiry period, no annoying updates
  • Get more privacy power with your messaging
  • Get extended freedom over limited options in the stock WhatsApp
  • Get lively chat screens with 3d animations
  • Extend performance ability with the use of themes


  • Since it is a third-party app, your account could be banned if you do not keep the safety use precautions.
  • Installing the app from sources other than those recommended by the development team leaves you more susceptible to fraud.

Summary About TMWhatsApp

DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Requires Android5.0 or Higher
Hosted byMediafire

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