How To Activate The Spy Tool On TMWhatsApp


For you to activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp, first you MUST download the latest version of the App. Ensure you read the whole post, I put two buttons at the end of the article for you to quickly tap and install the latest TMWhatsApp or activate the spy tool. And don’t forget to leave a comment. You also can read about how to download and install TMWhatsApp by clicking here.  You also should check out university scholarships for international students that are open for enrollment that are frequently posted in the scholarship page.

Well, it is important to check the version against the date the App was revised and uploaded to the site. You could be having a similar version of TMWhatsApp but you do not have the most recent update.

Therefore, please click either of the two buttons put at the bottom of this post to ascertain the version of your TMWhatsApp.

Well, why would someone even think of spying on another on WhatsApp.

Why Spy on others on TMWhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app. An estimated 1.5 billion people from around the world use it. Chances are your target makes use of it too.

If you’re a parent and your target is a child, you can keep the spy tool on their WhatsApp activity to keep them safe. There are many bullies, sexual predators, and scammers out there.

If you’re an employer, you can track your employee’s WhatsApp use to ensure they’re working when they should be. Also, you may be able to spot disloyal employees who’re stealing from you this way.

What is the purpose of the TMWhatsApp spy tool?

The main purpose to activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp is to maintain an eye on both children as well as over adults. Many people tend to get worried when it comes to their children’s friend zone. It is not uncommon for people to be concerned about their children’s friends.

Because of advancement inside the IT Industry brings both advantages and disadvantages. There are so many benefits people are getting from IT advancement that it is hard to list all of them. Due to the popularity of Social Media platforms, we cannot ignore the negativity that is rising every day inside people.

Considering these issues in mind, TM managed to come up with a spy tool through which anyone can have access to WhatsApp conversations. The intention is that if you suspect that your children, friends, or family members are exchanging illegal content on WhatsApp. You could be able to access those conversations.

The only way to clear your doubt is either to access the Android device without the owner’s permission. Which is not possible because there are far too many security patterns in place. The second option is to download TMWhatsApp and activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp to allow you to monitor them using WhatsApp so that you can clarify your doubt.

What you will get access to with the spy tool activated on TMWhatsApp

Read private and group chats: With the spy tool activated, you will be able to secretly gain access to all the chats of the person you are spying on. Both group and private message chats.

Access timestamps:  You also will be able to see when a chat took place by having access to his/ her chats’ time stamps.

View WhatsApp pictures: Pictures say a lot more than wordsIt may take probably a million words just to describe a picture and so with this tool activated, you will be able to see the photos that guy or lay is sharing, when and with whom they are sharing.

Call logs: Have access to the list of people/ contacts the person you are spying on is calling. You also will be able to tell whether it was a video call or an audio call. You also will be able to tell when the call was made and how long it lasted.

With the above information, I suppose you know what you can do with it especially if you are a parent or a senior in whichever capacity. Even a junior can spy on their seniors.

How then do you activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp?

You can quickly activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp in two quick steps

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of TMWhatsApp by downloading it from our official site. visit the download page to check that out.

Step 2: Share TMWhatsApp with friends and family. Among them should be those you want to spy on. To share the App and get your spy tool to be activated. Click/ tap on the Share TM button below to share it with your WhatsApp contacts.

Note: The more you share by tapping/ clicking on the Share TM button above the more you strengthen our spying algorithm. So please keep tapping/ clicking and sharing to many contacts & groups. Specifically, use the Share TM button above to share.

How to know your TMWhatsApp spy tool is activated?

TMWhatsApp App will take count of the number of people that you send to the above message and how many of them opened the link, installed it, and have the TMWhatsApp fully functional on their devices.

Once the number crosses ten, you can check the spy tool from your app it will be activated. If still it is not activated, we always recommend that you keep sharing to strengthen the algorithm, eventually yours will be unlocked.  This is how to do that


A TMWhatsApp spy tool is a simple-to-use tool and getting yours to be unlocked can bring more fun to your TMWhatsApp experience. All you have to do is to copy and share the message template given above and your spy tool will be unlocked.Other than learning how to activate the spy tool on TMWhatsApp, do you want to see more features that TMWhatsApp boasts? Then click here. If you like this post, leave a comment or just tap on the five stars below. [DEPRECATED]

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