“File Might Be Harmful” Warning On Website, What Causes That?


So I was downloading the app and I am met with this error “file might be harmful” what should I do? Well, In the first place, TMWhatsApp is not a harmful app. It is enjoyed by over 3 Million users, and none of them has posted a negative review. You can see that on our home page.

Your phone will alert you that the TMWhatsApp Apk file might be harmful because all apps installed on an android device are expected to have been verified by the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, our app is not. So your android will view it as harmful but in the real sense, It is a very safe app.

You can read more about android and other simple errors that pop up such as TMWhatsApp is infected, and what to do.

Also, here is a bonus just for you. To quickly check if you are having the latest update or share TMWhatsApp, tap on either of the buttons below. On the new page that appears, scroll through and check below OVERVIEW the latest upload date.


The “File might be harmful” attention you will receive when trying to download TMWhatsApp should not cause panic. Just proceed to download the app. I hope you found help by reading this article. If there is something else you need to be added to the site. Post a comment in the comment section, we constantly review the comments. The next article could be answering your question.

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