If You Are Failing To Download Themes On TMWhatsApp


“Hey guys, Am failing to download themes, what should I do?” One of our users posted this in our community. But just before I explain what you should do. For new users, themes help in adjusting the design and look of TMWhatsApp (User interface). With the help of themes, you can make your TMWhatsApp look like telegram or any other popular social media app. I will walk you through how you can correct the situation and successfully install a new theme on TMWhatsApp. Just ensure you read the whole article. I also put a bonus just for you at the end of this post.

In the very first place, I will walk you through how you can change your TMWhatsApp theme. Am doing this for the sake of those who just bumped into this post and do not know about TMWhatsApp. By the way, TMWhatsApp is the All-in-one modified WhatsApp messenger that you can use instead of any other modified WhatsApp. Not even the main WhatsApp messenger can be close to comparing its features with TMWhatsApp.

Changing themes on TMWhatsApp

To change themes on TMWhatsApp proceed as follows:

  • First ensure that you have the latest TMWhatsApp, open the app, and tap on the three angulars: Angularson the top right of the screen.
  • From the list of options that appear, tap on TM Mods
  • On the new menu that appears, tap on Themes settings
  • Now tap on download themes. A list of over 4,000 themes will appear, scroll through and select your preference.

Now it was at such a point that one of our users was inquiring about failing to download themes on TMWhatsApp. I think now we are on the same page and so I can proceed to explain the antidote to the problem

What to do if you are failing to download themes

The themes you use on TMWhatsApp are not owned by TMWhatsApp. However, they are developed and hosted on the YoWhatsApp server. which means we as TMWhatsApp do not have control over the maintenance and availability of the themes. All we did was to ensure that they are compatible with our app.

Therefore, in a case where you are failing to download themes, it could be that the YoWhatsApp server is offline or the themes are under maintenance. All you can do is wait patiently wait and pray that they get the themes back online. As you wait on the same, consider reading our other article on how to fix minor errors on TMWhatsApp

Also, remember I promised you a bonus? Well here is the bonus just for you. To quickly check if you are having the latest update of TMWhatsApp tap on either of the buttons below. On the new page that appears, scroll through and check below OVERVIEW the latest upload date.


This is how you can correct the issue when failing to download themes on TMWhatsApp. I hope you found help by reading this article. If there is something else you need to be added to the site. Post a comment in the comment section, we constantly review the comments. The next article could be answering your question..themes

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