TMWhatsApp Is Infected, What Causes Such Warnings?


When you just downloaded TMWhatsApp for the first time and then after you opened it you meet the TMWhatsApp is infected notification. This should not cause you to panic. Our app is a safe-to-use app. Actually, the notification is usually launched by the play store service which monitors all apps installed on your device. I will explain this. Ensure you read through the whole post to get the concept clear. Also, I put a bonus at the end of the article just for you.

Remember android as an operating system and Play Store services are both products served by alphabet, the main company that runs google. Therefore, the company put in measures to protect its users against fraud, and in this case, the trap caught both the criminals and the innocent. TMWhatsApp sufferers as a victim of circumstance.

TMWhatsApp is infected, what causes such warnings?

As said earlier, the alphabet tries to monopolize everything to revolve around what it developed. In this case, any application that is not verified by the google play store is viewed as a security threat to android even if it is safe for use. That is the exact reason why at times when you try to install TMWhatsApp you meet the TMWhatsApp is infected warning.

You got to understand that TMWhatsApp is a modded application that many people prefer over other modded applications even over the main WhatsApp itself. However many of its features are just at another level and you love it, google will not allow the app to be uploaded to Play Store. And so, we upload it on a third-party website for you to download and install. Still, the third-party website is as good as the Play Store. By this I mean, it frequently scans our app for viruses and keeps it very safe for use.

Therefore, at any time you meet such an alarming alert, don’t freak out, just tap on Ignore and proceed with the installation.

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This is the cause of the “TMWhatsApp is infected” error alert that would appear on your phone at times when you try to install TMWhatsApp. I hope you found help by reading this article. If there is something else you need to be added to the site. Post a comment in the comment section, we constantly review the comments. The next article could be answering your question.

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