How To Deal With The Green Screen Of Death (GSD)


There is this green screen having a few options that pop up when TMWhatsApp runs into some internal conflicts of resources. It is called the green screen of death (GSD). Its main purpose is to prevent TMWhatsApp from getting a total crash where you can not access or recover your data. Below we will be discussing some key details about the green screen of death. Ensure you read the whole post, I put two buttons at the end of the article for you to quickly tap and install the latest TMWhatsApp. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

As said earlier, the green screen of death appears when there is an internal conflict of resources in TMWhatsApp. Let us cover the most common reasons for the green screen of death and what you should do in case you encounter such scenarios.


Causes of the green screen of death 

Simple internal conflict: Just like any other application, when using TMWhatsApp at one point resources could use too much of your phone memory especially when you overuse some of the modified features not found in the stock WhatsApp. The app could hang and then crash. The good thing is that instead of crashing and costing you all your data, you will meet the green screen of death. If this is the case. Tap on the 1st option to ignore and restart the app.

Deprecated or incompatible themes: Themes help change the appearance of your App. They also add some extra abilities to design and customize your app to look like what you want it to look like. There are over 4,000 professionally designed themes from which you can choose and install to add that cool look to TMWhatsApp. However, sometimes the stock WhatsApp makes changes to the stock app that may interfere with compatibility with the themes. Assuming you set up a third-party theme and then you met the green screen of death. Then you should tap on option 3 to restore the stock theme

Outdated Application: The other reason most of TMWhatsApp users moved from the stock WhatsApp is other than being in love with the envied features. It is the frequency of updating the app. You want to download, install and never update the app. This is only possible for a few months and then compatibility of the app with android will fail. Android itself is updated almost weekly if not daily. And with the updates come features that force an update to all applications that run on android, TMWhatsApp included. So we never have an option but to update the app.

The good thing with TMWhatsApp is that when the app gets outdated, you still will be able to use it, unlike the stock WhatsApp that locks you out until you update the app. So updating the app to a new update entirely lies in your hands. Just remember that updates help the app not to have loopholes for that bad guy to hack your account. Unless you want that to happen to you.

Anyways, if running into the green screen of death due to an outdated TMWhatsApp then this is what you should do. Tap on option 2 to back up your chats (Here is a post on how to back up your data on TMWhatsApp to help you).  Once you are done, Tap on option 4 to download the latest update from the official site. You should consider restoring your backed-up data after updating your app. Here is a guide on how to restore your backed-up data to help you achieve that.

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Most of you when you see the green screen of death you panic. No, you should not panic. The GSD is your friend because it will save your day from being the worst ever you could imagine. We hope you found this post to be helpful. Do you want to know about any other issues with TMWhatsApp? Let us know about the same from the comment section.

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