Photo and video quality on version 8.45

Since the release of TMWhatsApp version 8.45, There have been various updates and bug fixes that we have worked on tirelessly. Among them is the Photo and video quality of media shared on the status and in private chats.

It is good to note that the quality of the same is still under development and so if you MUST use TMWhatsApp for sharing photos and videos of high quality then you will need to downgrade to TMWhatsApp version8.40F as you await fixing of the video and picture quality feature.

However, if you still are good without high-quality images then you can the download page to get the latest version of TMWhatsApp version 8.45. otherwise, links to download the earlier version ae below this post.


Commonly asked questions.

Is it a must to downgrade?

No, it is not a must for you to downgrade to version 8.40f. In fact, still the photo and video quality on version 8.45 are good. Only a few users with a keen eye can notice the variation.

Who can use this feature?

Anyone interested in high-quality videos and photos can use the feature. However, videographers and photographers are those who will find the feature most useful and so if you are one of them, and you share most of your work via TMWhatsApp then you can consider downgrading to version 8.40f as you await the fixed version of 8.45.

Where can I get version 8.40F?

To download TMWhatsApp version 8.40F click on either of the buttons below.


We consistently update TMWhatsApp to ensure the app serves your needs in time. Updating is not a must. however, it is very important to update TMWhatsApp whenever an update is published. this helps ensure the privacy and security of your chat.

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