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Updating of TMWhatsApp can be done directly from the App itself. Before going through how you can do that, ensure you bookmark this post so that whenever a friend asks how they can update their app, then you quickly will find and share the link to this post. Ensure you read the whole post, I put two buttons at the end of the article for you to quickly tap and install the latest TMWhatsApp. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you are that TMWhatsApp user who prefers to watch than read then watch this thrilling video to help you know how you can quickly update TMWhatsApp

Video on how to Quickly update TMWhatsApp from the official website



You love reading? keep reading. There is more content in text than the video.

There are two terms you always need to be conversant with always to ensure you are using the best version always. The two terms are:

1. Upgrade: This is changing from a lower version to a higher version of TMWhatsApp. For example, you could be currently using the 8.35 version and then you install the latest version (currently 8.40F) then, this will be termed as having upgraded your TMWhatsApp.

Each upgrade comes with major changes that keep the app compatible with your android devices plus adding very key and exclusive features not found in the native WhatsApp messenger nor other WhatsApp Mods

You can check the version of the TMWhatsApp you are using and the date it was released by clicking on TM Mods >> TMWhatsApp Updates >> TMWhatsApp Changelog.

This will help you to have the most recent upgrade of TMWhatsApp

2. Update: This is installing the same version of TMWhatsApp but with fixed bugs or some features added or removed. Though not always but at times the addition and removal of some features is controlled by Meta.

This does not bring a change to the current version but an update. The updates are meant to ensure that the TMWhatsApp is stable and good for use and so, though you can still use the major upgrade without downloading the updates, it is always recommended you always get the updates for you to be safe using TMWhatsApp.

To check whether you have the latest update of TMWhatsApp, you can visit the official download page and check the date when the last update was added.

It is good to note that the dates for the upgrade and those of updates are always different. The dates for the latest Update are more recent than those of the latest version.

With that in mind, let us now look at the easiest way of updating TMWhatsApp.

Updating of TMWhatsApp easily

  • Bookmark this post:- All you will do will be opening it from the bookmarked location and then tap on the download button below to get the latest update. Alternatively, add a shortcut to this post to your home screen. We also recommend that you join at least one of our communication channels from which you will be updated whenever an update is made.

To check if you are using the most recent TMWhatsApp with the latest updates then proceed as follows:

  • Download and install TM Updater from Play Store. (Click here to download). 
  • Open the updater and click on the Get Version button
  • Check the date and then download if it is more recent than what you downloaded previously.
  • Once the download is done, locate and open the downloaded file.
  • A pop appears asking you to update TMWhatsApp, tap on update.
  • The update will begin and then once done, you will be prompted to open TMWhatsApp
  • Open TMWhatsApp and enjoy using the latest fixed version of TMWhatsApp

You also can get updates from the official telegram channel of TMWhatsApp Updates. However, now that you are on this page, you don’t go through all the above processes except for bookmarking this page and joining the telegram channel. Just before you exit, you can consider checking if there is an update made on TMWhatsApp by tapping on either of the two buttons below

You also can receive update notifications by tapping on allow on the pop-up that appears on this page (or on the maroon bell on the bottom right of the screen) or entering your best email in the updates form (with the golden button) and remember to verify your email address in order for you to start receiving update alerts via email.


This is is how the updating of TMWhatsApp is super simple. It is good to note that You should NEVER uninstall TMWhatsApp for you to get your update for the app.

Also, just before you update TMWhatsApp, consider doing a back up of your TMWhatsApp data so that just in case there happen some faults during installation you can be able to restore all your chats.

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