How To Change Send To Enter Key


When you just installed TMWhatsApp or you updated from one version to another. You may need to change send to enter key because the enter key on the TMWhatsApp chat keyboard is normally changed to a send button.

When in this mode, you can not type text separated into paragraphs. It will just appear as one single paragraph no matter how long it is. Below are the steps you should follow. Just Ensure you read the whole post, I also put two buttons at the end of the article for you to quickly tap and install the latest TMWhatsApp. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you prefer watching videos then watch the one below for the step-by-step guide, otherwise, you can continue reading.

Video on how to change send to enter key



How to change send to enter key

Imagine if this post was just a single paragraph from the top all the way to the end. Would you even have the psych to read? I doubt. Well, paragraphs help us organize our ideas in any writing, and so since TMWhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps. You need the ability to organize your text when writing messages.

Below are the quick steps to help you change the send button to read and function as the enter key.

  • Ensure you are on the home screen of TMWhatsApp
  • Tap on the three angulars on the top right of the screen
  • Tap on settings from the dropdown menu
  • Tap on chats on the new screen
  • In the next screen that appears, tap on Enter is send. This will toggle the option to off.

To view the changes, go back to the home screen and open any chat. Start typing and notice the keypad now has the enter key instead of the send button.

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This is how you can change the send button on the TMWhatsApp keypad to enter the key.

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