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TMWhatsApp Chat Head (s) are those bubbles that sit right on the edge of the screen. That bubble represents the person you are chatting with. Simply put, a chat shortcut of sorts. With a TMWhatsApp chat head, you don’t have to open the entire app to reply to one person.

It is a feature you must have seen on the Facebook lite app. Good news, TMWhatsApp brings this feature to you as an extension. Ensure you read the whole post, I put two buttons at the end of the article for you to quickly tap and install the TMWhatsApp chat heads. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

While chat heads are available for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp users don’t have that luxury yet, at least officially. You can still get chat heads for WhatsApp by rooting your Android device, but hey, not everyone knows how to root and those who know are either lazy or don’t want to void the warranty of their Android device.

WhatsApp however does have a feature called ‘Quick Reply’ with which users can reply to messages right from the notification bar without having to open the app, it still misses the chat heads. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can get chat heads for WhatsApp without having to root your device? That is exactly what TMWhatsApp does for you. Let us look at how you should do that fast and easily.

How to get TMWhatsApp chat head without rooting your android device

TMWhatsApp chat head

Click on either of the buttons below download the latest WhatsApp chat head add-on for TMWhatsApp.

Once the download is done, Install and enjoy the old experience of WhatsApp chat head.

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In the current days, most of us are almost as addicted to WhatsApp chat as Facebook and often hang on to it a lot. But during the course of WhatsApp chatting on our Android smartphone and tablet, we’ve to go back to the app to send or see messages, and to click it back every time is boring. 

While playing games, surfing the internet, playing a video, or whatever else we’re doing on our Android device, we’ve to get back to the app to view and reply to the messages. Have you ever imagined how easier life could be if you could receive the TMWhatsApp chat head notification on your Android smartphone, the same as that of your Facebook messenger? 

There are probably none of us who appreciate Facebook Messenger’s chat head notifications, and the ease it has made for us to chat on Facebook. We can click on the picture where we get a notification, and then seamlessly read and respond to messages without having to stop what we’re currently doing on our device. Well, the same will be the case for WhatsApp too, if you install the chat heads.

Let us know what you think about the TMWhatsApp chat heads in the comment section. Remember to share to activate the spy tool. Also, if you like this feature then click on the five stars below to rate it excellent. 

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