Downloading WhatsApp chat heads

Simply put a chat shortcut of sorts. With a TMWhatsApp chat head, you don’t have to open the entire app to reply to one person. It is a feature you must have seen on the Facebook lite app. Good news, TMWhatsApp brings this feature to you as an extension.

You can still get chat heads for WhatsApp by rooting your Android device, but hey, not everyone knows how to root and those who know are either lazy or don’t want to void the warranty of their Android device.

It is right here that the TMWhatsApp chat heads come in.

Why you need TMWhatsApp Chat Head

  • Quick Reply
  • Convenient chats
  • Have fun

Is the TMWhatsapp chat head safe for use?

Just to give a quick response, the answer is yes. TMWhatsApp chat head is safe to use on your device.

If the download fails to start please click here