How To Hide Chats On TMWhatsApp


Did you know that you can hide chats on TMWhatsApp? Yes, you can. TMWhatsApp boasts very exclusive features unlike any other mode you would ever imagine of. Forget about archiving chats. Archives are visible to anyone who can access your app. They can just see archived messages. But here is another privacy feature of yet another level. Hiding chats. Ensure you read through the whole post to know how it is done. Also, at the end of the post, I will put two buttons on which you can tap and quickly install the latest TMWhatsApp.

Now, If you prefer watching a video to reading then below we made a very interesting clip to help you hide your chats.

Video on how to hide chats on TMWhatsApp


Steps to follow to hide a chat on TMWhatsApp

To hide chat on TMWhatsApp proceed as follows:

Since you will need to put the hidden chat under some security, you have to first set up a recovery question to your set up security. Therefore to set up your recovery question proceed as follows:

  • Tap on the three angulars then from the drop-down list tap on TM Mods
  • On the new screen that appears tap on Privacy settings.
  • Scroll down and then Tap on the Recovery question option. Set up your recovery question and answer and then go back to the chat screen. Next, you need to set up a security option for one to access the hidden chat. to do this proceed as follows.
  • Long press on the chat you want to hide and then tap on the three angulars.
  • From the list of options that appear, tap on hide chat and then set up the security option you want. once you are done, you can now hide your chat.
  • Long press on the chat again, tap on the three angulars and select the hide chat option. Confirm the action by inputting the security option you just set up.

Just that way and your chat will be hidden from that person spying on you. But what about unhiding that chat? Read this other article on how to unhide a hidden chat.


This is how you can hide a chat on TMWhatsApp. You can always enjoy the privacy you deserve while using the app. Do you have anything else you wish to know about TMWhatsApp? Leave a comment below we will be checking them out for the next post.

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