What Causes A TMWhatsApp Ban?


One day you wake up and check your phone. As usual, you open TMWhatsApp, and then boom, you meet the TMWhatsApp ban! A white screen with a ban symbol glaring at you. What a bad day it will be! But what really causes a TMWhatsApp ban? When you know this, you can evade this virtual prison. Ensure you read the whole article to get the full details to save your TMWhatsApp account. Also, at the end of the post, I got a bonus just for you.

Whenever you look at the screen below, please take it very seriously and take the precautions am about to share with you very seriously. That will help you to evade a TMWhatsApp ban whether temporal or permanent.  The truth is that the main WhatsApp is out to ban WhatsApp accounts that attempt to go against its policies, however much we try to establish antiban features on TMWhatsApp. You do not want to be found on the wrong side of the “WhatsApp law.”

What causes the TMWhatsApp ban

The reason TMWhatsApp happen is that the main WhatsApp can monitor our activities and know whatever we are doing with the app simply because all modded apps like GBWhatsApp and TMWhatsApp are sharing the same server with the official WhatsApp. These guys can see all the illegal activities that we do every day like spamming and others.

But you shouldn’t worry because am working diligently to find a solution. For now, all you have to do is to stay away from using these features below:

Abide by these instructions to protect your account, however, if you be a difficult one then you risk losing your own account. But I also know that some landed in this “WhatsApp jail” before reading these instructions. I would recommend that you read our other article on how to unban a TMWhasApp account.

Just before I make a conclusion of this post, I promised you a bonus. Here it is, tap on either of the buttons below to quickly check the latest upload of TMWhatsApp. On the next page, scroll down below OVERVIEW to check the dates of the most recent upload.


These are the common causes of the TMWhatsApp ban and how you can go about the scene. I hope you found help by reading this article. If there is something else, you need to be added to the site/ app. Post a comment in the comment section, we constantly review the comments. The next article could be answering your question.

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