How To Activate Animation Background Effects On TMWhatsApp


TMWhatsApp just got animation background effects added to it. This is an exclusive feature you will not find on other WhatsApp and guess what, that is why you should never uninstall TMWhatsApp no matter what. In any case, if it is updating then you can read our other article on the easy way to update TMWhatsApp. And by the way, ensure you read the whole article to get how you can activate animation background effects on TMWhatsApp. Also, at the end of the Post, I got a bonus for you.

Well, animation background effects is a feature that comes to add an awesome feel of privacy against chat snoopers and also adds a styled background. Imagine reading a chat where its background are butterflies flying across the screen. Snoopers could wonder what to focus on, the chat or the butterflies.

The animation background effects can be turned on both for chats and on the general lists screen. Let us look at how you can activate the same for use on TMWhatsApp

How to activate animation background effects

To activate animation background effects proceed as follows:

  • Open your TMWhatsApp and tap on the three angulars:Angulars  at the top right of the screen.
  • From the dropdown list of options tap on TM Mods
  • On the list options that appear tap on Background effects
  • Now tap on the animation effects
  • A new screen will appear, tap on select animation, a pop-up screen will appear, and select the animation type you want.
  • Next, set where you want the animation to appear under section settings. Also, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the animation under other settings. Once you are done tap on the restart to apply settings.

Just that way and you will be good to enjoy the animation background effects on TMWhatsApp. You should also read our other article on how to message yourself on TMWhatsApp. Also, remember I promised you a bonus? Well here is the bonus just for you. To quickly check if you are having the latest update or share TMWhatsApp tap on either of the buttons below. On the new page that appears, scroll through and check below OVERVIEW the latest upload date.


This is how you can activate animation background effects on your TMWhatsApp. I hope you found help by reading this article. If there is something else you need to be added to the site. Post a comment in the comment section, we constantly review the comments. The next article could be answering your question.

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