How To Unhide A Hidden Chat.


To unhide a hidden chat on TMWhatsApp it is just a single tap and the chat is visible. But in the first place, we only unhide what was hidden. So if you want to learn how you can hide a chat on TMWhatsApp then consider reading the article on the same. Ensure you read this whole post, because other than learning how to unhide a hidden chat, at the end of the post I will put two buttons on which you can tap and quickly install the latest TMWhatsApp or share the App with your WhatsApp contacts.

I almost thought I should write a few reasons as to why one would think of hiding their chats in the first place. But I think that is personal and of course, you know why you may opt for hiding a particular chat. Now, it comes to a point when you just want to view the hidden chat or remove it from hiding back to the normal chat screen. What should you do? Remember a hidden chat is not visible to anyone, unlike the archived chats that can be viewed easily by tapping on the archived chats option that hangs just below the header.

Video guide on how to unhide a hidden chat

If you prefer watching to reading then we put together this video just for you, enjoy as you learn using TMWHatsApp


how to unhide a hidden chat

If you want to view a hidden chat on TMWhatsApp then proceed as follows:

To remove it from the hidden chats, proceed as follows:

  • While in the hidden chats section, long press on the chat that you want to unhide and then tap on the three angulars on the top right of the screen. Select unhide chat from the drop-down list of options.

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