Solved:- App Not Installed As Package Conflicts With An Existing Package


Existing users of TMWhatsApp may at one point meet the App not installed as the package conflicts with an existing package error message when they try to install an update. This is because of a “bug” caused by WhatsApp. It is nothing to be worried about. Below are the exact steps to follow to correct the package conflict issue.

Start by backing up your old chats, and browse your phone as shown in the path below:

Internal Storage >> Android

Rename the Android folder to Android1 and TMWhatsApp folder to TMWhatsApp1.

Now uninstall TMWhatsApp, (your data (backup) will not be deleted).

Rename the folders again after uninstalling your old TMWhatsApp as follows:

Android1 to Android and TMWhatsApp1 folder to TMWhatsApp

Once you are done renaming, download and install the latest TMWhatsApp.

By following the above steps, all old bugs will be fixed. And your old chats will be automatically detected and restored. For new users, download and install the latest version using the download Apk button below.

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