Why TMWhatsApp Does Not Back Up On Google Drive


Whenever you install TMWhatsApp and try to back up on Google Drive or restore chats from google drive, you will notice that you will meet an error message. This is not anything for you to panic about. It is just a protective measure to your TMWhatsApp account. Ensure you read the whole post. At the end of the article, I put two buttons that you can tap on and quickly install the latest TMWhatsApp.

To begin with, you must have then wondered how exactly you can back up your TMWhatsApp or even restore them if you can not be able to use google drive as provided by the stock WhatsApp.

TMWhatsApp provides an alternative way for all our users to back up and restore their old chats and media. Unlike the stock WhatsApp, TMWhatsApp stores the backup files on the internal storage of the device on which it is installed.

Also, the backup process is done manually and not automated like what you get in the stock WhatsApp.  I now suppose your immediate question is how then can you do the backup and restoration of the chats and media files?

How to back up and restore data on TMWhatsApp

As said earlier, this is a manual process. We put together a detailed post on how to back up data on TMWhatsApp that you should consider reading for the purpose of clarity. The same as restoring your backed-up data. You can read this article on how to restore your TMWhatsApp data.

Also, the good news is that TMWhatsApp now supports your backed-up data to be stored in a zipped file. That means you can transfer that file from one device to another and have your chats restored on a different device. Just ensure you put the zipped file in the correct path on the new device and then open TMWhatsApp on the new device and restore back up as explained here. i.e. /storage/emulated/0/TMWhatsApp/TMBackup 

But why does TMWhatsApp not back up on Google Drive?

I still had to answer this one anyhow. The Google Drive backup feature was disabled on TMWhatsApp to protect your TMWhatsApp number from being banned. If enabled your TMWhatsApp number can be easily detected and banned because of using a modified WhatsApp. So please use the local backup on your device.

Remember modified Apps are a kind of piracy and so are termed to be illegal. WhatsApp stock could do anything to stop us. But Imagine social life without TMWhatsApp, WtF! Just use the local backup on your device and keep enjoying the exclusive features that come with TMWhatsApp.

Just before I sign out, ensure you have the latest TMWhatsApp always. Tap on either of the buttons below to install the latest update. It is also good to check if you are having the latest update.


This is the major reason why TMWhatsApp does not back up on Google Drive. Good enough there is a way out of the whole issue. By the way, do you know how to back up your data on TMWhatsApp? Share your answer in the comment section.

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